Personalized and friendly attention characterize our service. We have a wide experience and we know what each client wants and needs. Together with our guides and assistants, we will be at your disposal long time before you start the program and once in the mountain we will attend you permanently.
         Also from Mendoza , we will follow the development of the activities, always willing to assist your requirements.


         Guides are the most important factor in the success of our work. They are all professionals graduated from the local school of mountain guides (EPGAMT), this school is specialized in Aconcagua . The guides are also members of the Argentinean Association of Professional Mountain Guides (AAGMP). They all live in Mendoza , they are climbers and big experts of Aconcagua , carefully selected for their kind treatment towards people and their experience and commitment with their task.

          They are all fluent in English and know the details of each program intimately, this assures and reinforces the quality of our services and as a result each expedition becomes a unique experience.


Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Idiomas: Español / Inglés

Mountain guide and director of ACONCAGUA SPIRIT Expediciones. 

Javier works for more than 15 years in adventure activities like mountain guide, of rafting and cavalcades. He possesses a wide experience in organization of mountain expeditions. 
Expeditions in Aconcagua, Cordón del Plata, Bolivia and Peru.

Matías Santiago Erroz
Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Languages: spanish / english

Matías has a wide experience in Aconcagua , with more than 14 ascents. He has also climbed mountains in Patagonia, Europe (several roads Big Wall in Lecco and Baldi Mello, Italy), Yosemite, The Captain (Mescalito A3 and A4 in artificial), he attempted the Halfdome in the day, he made technical ascents in Potrero Chico (Mexico) 7c+, Salto 7b+ and in Guadalajara and new routes in Federal District. In Peru : Pequeño Alpamayo, Huascarán (6600 mts - highest mountain of Peru ) through normal route and trough Escudo route.

He has made several ascents to mountains of 5000 and 6000 meters .

Juan Pedro Vilche
Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Languages: spanish / english

Juan is a mountain guide and National Professor of Physical Education. He was the Head Ranger in Provincial Park Aconcagua during the seasons of 96' and 97.'
He has worked for more than 10 years as mountain and trekking guide. And for over 15 years he has been teaching through outdoor activities, subjects related to environment & mountaineering.
He has made expeditions and ascents in Cordón del Plata and Aconcagua in the summer and in winter, ascents with snowshoes and skis in the high mountain of Mendoza , and ascents in the northwest of Argentina (Catamarca and Salta).

Gonzalo Dell Agnola
Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Languages: spanish / english / french

Gonzalo has reached  Aconcagua’s summit 12 times through the normal route, , and once through the NE Polish Glacier; Pissis Mount 6882 mts., Mercedario 6772 mts., Tigre 5700 mts (first winter ascent), El Muerto Mount 6320 mts (second absolute ascent), El Plata Mount 6000 mts, Vallecitos 5500 mts, and smaller numerous ascents.
Peruvian Andes: Mt. Huamantilla 5400 mts and Ausangaste 6380 mts. Bolivian Andes (“Real” Mountain Range): Mt. Illampu 6300 mts.
Director of the Mountaineering Initiation Course, and Instructor of the GPS Course (Global Position System) at the National University of Cuyo.


Angel Ezequiel Armesto
Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Languages: spanish / english

Angel is a High Mountain guide and an active member of the Andean Socorro’s Group(Rescue group). He has worked for the last 7 seasons in Aconcagua Park guiding national and international expeditions through the normal route and through the Polish Traverse. During the last four years he also worked in Spain , in the area of the High Aragon as a guide of ravines, mountaineering and in the routes of the ferratas. He also worked in Nepal as a guide in the trek of the Annapurnas doing technical ascents.


Adriana Dominguez
Mountain guide EPGAMT / AAGPM
Languages: spanish / english / french

Adriana is a National Instructor of Andinismo. She has been 18 years mountaineering in the Central Andes and 16 of working in the Aconcagua.
Numerous summits of 5000 and 6000 mts: 8 summits Aconcagua Mt. (2 from Plaza de Mulas in the day), Cordón del Plata, Cordillera del Tigre; Pissis (6882 mts); Mercedario Mt. (6772 mts); Veladero (6300mts).
Trekking in the Pyrenees (Spain).



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