Do I need any experience?
No. All the programs are thought for people with little or no experience in the mountain. Our guides and assistants will advise you permanently so that you can fully enjoy your activity.

What clothes and equipment do I need?
In Aconcagua , as in all the big mountains, the climate is difficult to predict. We should be prepared for a wide range of temperatures and conditions; cold nights and warm days, wind, snow and a higher influence of solar radiation. We provide the group with material (kitchen utensils, tents, mountain stoves, and security equipment in case of necessity) and in each program there is a recommended list of personal equipment that every participant should bring.

What should I keep in mind about my personal equipment?
It is important not to bring extra elements than the ones specified in the programs. The clothes should be comfortable, always prefering the synthetic fabrics (polartec) to those of wool or cotton. We should try not to use for the first time our footwear in an excursion, to avoid unpleasant surprises such as blisters or any pain in our feet. The backpack should be comfortable and if it is possible anatomical & special for mountain activities. The best sleeping bags are those made of duvet, they should be for - 20º C.(minus 20)

How will the climate be?
In the summer the weather in Mendoza is excellent to perform our activities. The hottest months are December and January. November, February and March are months with temperatures that are more variable and in the high mountain we may have occasional snow in these months.

How safe are these activities?
The practices of mountaineering have inherent risks. These risks are reduced to the minimum due to the experience of our guides. Our security register is excellent.

Who will our guides be?
During all our programs you will be with professional guides that constantly look after your security and look for your total satisfaction in this adventure.

Do I need to make reservations?
Yes! In the Aconcagua season is good to make reservations previously. One week before for the short trekking & thirty days before for the long trekking and the ascent to the summit.

From which age can these activities be practiced?
For activities of low intensity the minimum age to participate in a group is 14 years, and for the long programs 18 years.

Who will our partners be?
Our groups are generally formed by people whose ages vary between 25 to 60 years and they belong to the most diverse range of professions, united by an adventurous spirit and a deep respect for nature.

How much do we walk per day?
Trips in the nature are measured in hours, and our daily activities are programmed to be developed from 4 up to 6 hours a day.

Which is the hiking rhythm?
The guide controls the dynamics of the group all the time, adapting the rhythm to the level of each group.

How should I prepare myself?
Any aerobic and vigorous exercise is excellent to train. It is necessary to have a good physical condition for the trekking and an excellent condition for the ascent. Some extra days in Mendoza City or in a mountain area are very good for acclimatization.

Can any person practice trekking?
Yes, our trekkings are designed for people with an acceptable physical state. It is not necessary to have previous experience neither to have specific mountain equipment.

Can anyone ascend the Aconcagua mountain?
For the ascent it is important to have an excellent physical condition. The height, the distances and extreme thermal difference, make Aconcagua a hard mountain to ascend. It is important, though not essential, to have experience in other mountains.

What do the programs include?
All the programs include transfer in-out from Mendoza City, transfer of loads toward the base camps in mules, full board(depends on the program), lodging in mountain tents for two people and the assistance of professional Trekking Guides or High Mountain Guides.

What is not included in the programs?
The programs do not include the lodging, transports, meals and extra expenses not specified in the programs, neither the expenses originated by the abandonment of the itinerary. Neither we include personal insurance nor the cost from the entrance permits to the Aconcagua Provincial Park but we do include the assistance to acquire them.

What happens if I travel alone?
If you want, we can include you in a group, or if you prefer you can have a personal guide. The budget of each program is based on groups of 3 people, so the price can increase if you want to go alone.

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